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If you suffer an injury as a result of a hazardous product that is defectively designed or manufactured, or malfunctions, or if you have not been properly warned of the product's hazards, you have a right to recover against the responsible party or parties. The responsibility for your injury can extend to the manufacturer, seller, distributor, lessor and marketer of the product.

Other kinds of injury cases deal primarily with the negligence of the responsible parties. But products liability cases can deal not only with negligence, but also with theories of breach of contract and warranty.

In this complicated modern world, there are many complicated products that can cause you harm. Some dangerous products might include machinery, automobiles (safety devices such as air bags, seat belts, brakes and tires), tools, appliances, medical devices and implants, and drugs. There is no limit to the type of product that might harm you.

As you can guess, bringing a product liability case can frequently bring you right up against big manufacturing companies. Proving the defect, and the liability of the responsible parties can be complex and can involve the use of expert testimony. Therefore, in this type of case it is essential that you have the vigorous representation, and access to expert resources, that I can give you as your Queens, New York, personal injury lawyer.

Skillfully Handling Defective Product and Dangerous Product Claims

As with all injury cases:

Remember, priority No.1 is to recover FROM your personal injuries (to get better). So seek out the best medical attention and treatment.

Priority No. 2 is to recover FOR your personal injuries (to protect and assert your legal rights, and to recover money for the damages you have suffered). Let me help you with priority No. 2.

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