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Queens Lawyer for Elevator Accidents

Elevator Accidents If you have been injured in an elevator accident, you might have a claim against multiple parties. The elevator may have been negligently designed or manufactured, or the owner of the building may have been negligent in repairing or maintaining the elevator.

At the Law Offices of Barry M. Goldstein, I will thoroughly investigate the circumstances that led to your injuries and work to build a case against the negligent parties. I have more than 35 years of experience handling elevator accidents as a Queens attorney. I will fight to secure the compensation you need for your injuries.

New York Attorney for Elevator Injury

The majority of elevator accidents fall into two categories: premises liability and products liability. In a premises liability case, a property owner's negligence leads to injuries. In the case of an elevator, this might involve a landlord who fails to have an elevator inspected regularly or a building owner who does not fix a dangerous, known issue with the elevator.

If an elevator was poorly designed or built incorrectly, it can lead to serious injuries. In these situations, I help clients bring products liability actions against the negligent parties.

To determine the type of claim you have, I review the facts and investigate the site of your injury. This includes a review of elevator maintenance records, security footage and other available evidence. I often work with experts in order to prove liability and help my clients secure full and fair compensation for their injuries.

For a free consultation with a lawyer about your elevator injuries in New York, contact me online or call 888-808-8625. I help clients who have suffered all types of injuries and losses in elevators, from crush injuries to traumatic head injuries. My attorney's fees are a percentage of your recovery, so you will not owe me anything unless I recover damages on your behalf.

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