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Queens Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical malpractice involves an injury or condition that is caused by the failure of the Medical Malpractice Attorney Barry Goldsteinmedical professionals who are treating you (doctor, hospital, nurse or nursing home, for example) to exercise that degree of skill and learning commonly applied by accepted practice by a member of the medical professional community in which they practice.

A malpractice action is usually based on negligence, but can also be based on a theory of lack of "informed consent" where a medical professional fails to disclose risks of a procedure and its alternatives.

There are special rules in malpractice cases, and there are special time limits (statutes of limitation) within which a medical malpractice action must be commenced. You need a Queens, New York, lawyer to help you assess your options and the situation.

Do You Believe Hospital Neglect Has Occurred?

Sometimes the doctor's mistake is obvious, but more often you suspect that something wrong has been done, that a mistake has been made, and that you are suffering more than you should be. Proving that malpractice has occurred, and showing that what happened to you is not a reasonable risk of the procedure, usually requires expert medical review on your behalf. Also, remember that not every bad result means that malpractice has been committed. Sometimes, despite the best efforts of competent medical professionals, you are left with a medical condition, disability or side effect that is not the result of their malpractice.

So, if you suspect that you have been injured as a result of medical malpractice, call me as soon as you can so that we can put together the proper medical and legal review necessary to protect and pursue your legal rights, and obtain the best possible recovery. Call 888-808-8625 or contact me online for a free consultation. I am attorney committed to protecting you and your right to obtain compensation for your injuries.

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