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Vehicle Accidents Lawyer in Queens

Although the use of seat belts, and other safety features, have thankfully reduced the seriousness of many injuries, motor vehicle accidents remain some of the most common causes of personal injuries, and constitute a large portion of my personal injury practice.

Whether you are injured as a passenger, driver, pedestrian or bicycle rider, you may be entitled to recover for your damages, your medical expenses and lost earnings, as well as your pain and suffering. Firstly, we must prove that the accident was the fault of another party. Even if it's partly your fault, the other party or parties, if they are also partly at fault, may be liable to pay for a portion of your damages. In a motor vehicle accident, we must also show that you were "seriously" injured to recover damages for your pain and suffering.

A word about "no-fault" insurance. In New York state (and several other states), we have what is commonly known as the "no-fault" law, which governs most accidents involving motor vehicles. Basically, this law provides that your medical bills and lost earnings will be paid to a limited extent (usually by your own auto insurance company) regardless of whose fault the accident was. But you cannot bring a lawsuit for pain and suffering unless the injuries you have suffered are "serious."

Broken Bones and Other Injuries From Car Accidents

Of course, broken bones, fractures, death, and crippling injuries are all "serious." But there will be many other lesser injuries that may still be considered as "serious." The measure of "serious" injury is a legal and factual determination based upon objective medical evidence. So, the point is, don't be your own lawyer or doctor.

First and foremost: Seek out good and proper medical attention and treatment for all your injuries. Then, contact me and let me decide if you have a provable "serious" injury. One thing is for sure: You can count on the insurance company to claim that your injuries are not "serious", no matter how significant they are to you. So don't let the insurance companies get away with that; let me help you fight for your legal rights.

Remember, priority No. 1 is to recover FROM your personal injuries (to get better). So seek out the best medical attention and treatment.

Priority No. 2 is to recover FOR your personal injuries (to protect and assert your legal rights, and to recover money for the damages you have suffered). Let me help you with priority No. 2.

Contact us about your New York vehicle accident case! Call 718.544.7100 to schedule a free consultation at my Queens office. My attorney's fees are a percentage of your recovery, so you will not owe me anything unless I recover damages on your behalf.

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