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Queens Lawyer Handling Wrongful Death

This type of case is really a variation of any of the other categories of injury cases. The obvious difference is that, in this type of case, the injury that was inflicted caused, or resulted in, the death of your loved one. So, for example, a wrongful death case can be based upon malpractice, negligence in premises cases or auto cases, products liability, or any other type of liability.

This is really just the type of case that requires the kind of personal attention that I can provide. It is likely that you are the spouse, or close relative, of the deceased victim. The lawsuit is just one of the many things that you must now deal with. You will likely need to have an administrator or executor appointed, not only to prosecute the lawsuit, but also to put the affairs of your deceased loved one in order. As your attorney, I will provide these services to you and will not automatically refer out the "estate" part of the case to a probate lawyer (as so many personal injury lawyers do).

Compassionately Handling Fatal Accident Cases

Although the bulk of my practice involves personal injury cases, I also handle probate and estate matters on a regular basis. So, if you choose to retain me for the other "estate" matters as well as for the "wrongful death," I will see to it that a legal representative is appointed for the estate, that the lawsuit for wrongful death is pursued, and that the other estate matters and issues are handled and resolved.

I am sure that you will prefer the type of personal attention that I can give you, compared to the "big personal injury law firms" that see your situation mostly as a way to obtain a large award (and legal fee), and little else.

With the death of a loved one, your first priority is to grieve, and to recover emotionally from your loss. Although, in a real sense, there is no monetary value that can be put on a human life, your second priority is to recover financially for your loss, and to be restored to some sense of financial security. Let me help you with your second priority.

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